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Auto Industry

The parts of the car need to be heat treated to achieve the required performance, and the quantity can be quickly and non-destructively measured.


General Machinery

Labgages provides users with sophisticated equipment inspection and customized solutions to meet the precision of general equipment manufacturing and installation needs.


New Material

LAB Gages provides a variety of testing instruments for the performance of emerging metal materials, such as the mechanical properties of medium-thick steel plates, new lightweight high-strength automotive steels, defect detection, uniformity, and stress analysis.


Heavy Machinery

The various portable testing equipments sold by Labgages are concentrated in the precise, stable, reliable and portable field requirements, making them well-known in a wide range of applications.


Green Energy

Labgages provides large-scale, high-precision measurement equipment for new energy sources - wind, solar, and nuclear energy - to ensure the smooth performance of equipment performance and energy conversion.


Airplane Manufacturing

We provide aerospace companies with non-destructive testing technology for component testing, material status, component performance during production, and service life.


Petroleum & Chemical Industry

Labgages can provide accurate internal space structure and state observation for pipelines in the chemical industry, enabling remote observation and operation.


Communication Electronics

Labgages provides accurate solutions for the electronics industry, including computers, integrated circuits, and semiconductor chips.


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