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Trimos V6 Digital Altimeter

The Trimos V6 Digital Altimeter has high measurement accuracy, economy and practicality, and can measure height, depth, perpendicularity, slot width, inner and outer diameter, hole center distance, and axial center distance, etc., which is suitable for production site use.

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Trimos V6 Economy Altimeter

TRIMOS has a history of more than 40 years in the field of vertical measurement. Early altimeters were developed and produced by them. The V6 altimeter revolutionizes the manual and automatic integration design. Customers no longer have to worry about purchasing manual or automatic machines.

Various applications of Trimos V6 Digital Altimeter

● Measuring range 400/700 / 1100mm
● Easy and fast operation
● The probe force can be adjusted continuously
● Manual and automatic integration design
● Optional 300mm probe
● Many accessories are available for user-friendly design, no need to use tools for force adjustment
● RS232 & USB dual interface output

Features of V6 Altimeter:

The new Trimos V6 altimeter has all the functions of V5. At the same time, V6 has higher measurement accuracy than V5, and can use an electronic perpendicularity probe.

Trimos V6 standard configuration:

Instrument host Power adapter (TA-EL-132)
Ø 4 mm Ruby Probe (TA-MI-101) Calibration certificate
Setting Rule (TA-MG-104) User Manual (750 50 0045 03)
Dust Cover (TA-TO-114 / 115/116)

Order number of Trimos V6 Series Digital Altimeter

V6-400 700 110 10 06 Measuring range 400 mm
V6-700 700 110 20 06 Measuring range700 mm
V6-1100 700 110 30 06 Measuring range 1100 mm
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