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LAB GAGES successfully completed the participation of CSITF in 2019

Fraunhofer and LAB GAGES jointly particitated the 7th China International Technology Import and Export Fair held on April 18-20, 2019 in Shanghai. With the core concept of "Technology, Let Life Be More Exciting" and the theme of "innovation-driven development, protection of intellectual property rights and promotion of technology trade", CSITF aims to actively promote the development of technology trade by integrating scientific and technological strength and innovation at China and abroad.


Applications Overview of 3MA NDT Technique

Nowadays, 3MA is well accepted in industrial production and material research. A broad range of different applications on different components of ferromagnetic materials has been developed based on the 3MA NDT technique, applications overview ranging from magnetic microscopes with um resolution up to large inspection systems for in-line strip steel inspection.


Surface Hardening Depth (SHD) Nondestructive Testing Support

The external service provided by Shanghai LAB GAGES, for the inductive quenching Surface Hardening Depth (SHD) non-destructive measurement, can completely avoid the loss caused by the traditional open-cut damage measurement of the heat-treated parts, and greatly improve the detection efficiency, and can also achieve a large number of full inspection piece by piece.

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Surface Topography Measurement Solution

The level of modern manufacturing is getting higher and higher, and its technical requirements are becoming more and more strict. Therefore, it is necessary to have a corresponding high level of measurement to meet the needs of various demanding applications.

Labgages's Precision Testing Equipment Helps "Made in China" Improve Quality Competitiveness

The "Made in China" is not the strongest in China's manufacturing industry. The impression of "low-end, low-cost, dumping" of Chinese products has been difficult to get rid of internationally, not just foreign countries, but also domestic consumers.Everyone has insufficient confidence in “Made in China”, not because Chinese brand promotion is not enough, and the key is quality.

Prospects for Mold Development are Promising

The numerical control of the mold processing equipment, the non-patterning of the mold design, and the informatization of the mold management have enabled the mold company to reach a higher level, and the overall mold level has been significantly improved.

Optical metrology solution

Modern precision manufacturing is developing rapidly, and the information technology revolution is changing with each passing day, all of which require optical metrology solution. Microelectronics-based products such as computers, integrated circuits, semiconductor chips, optical fiber communications, mobile communications, satellite communications, and home appliance industries are the main players.

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