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Renishaw stylus specifications


The stylus is an integral part of the measurement system that is in contact with the workpiece being tested to cause displacement of the probe mechanism. The resulting signal is processed to obtain the result. The shape of the workpiece to be measured will determine the type and size of the stylus to be used. In all cases, the large stiffness of the stylus and the sphericity of the ball are critical.

Ball material properties

Stylist type Material Level Sphericity Structure Ingredient Purity Density Hardness Compressive strength Bending strength Fracture toughness

(μm) (wt%) (%) (g/cm³) HV (MPa) (MPa) (MN/M³/²)
Alumina Ruby ball Artificial ruby single crystal Level 5* 0.13 Single crystal 99%Al₂O₃ 99.90 3.90 1800 2100 390 1
Silicon nitride Measuring ball Hard molding Si₃N₄ Level 5* 0.13 Polycrystalline Si₃N₄ 90 3.0-3.2 1600 3000 1000 6
Zirconia Measuring ball sintering ZrO₂ Level 5* 0.13 Polycrystalline ZrO₂ 90-95 6.05 1200 2000 700-1100 10
Alumina Hollow ball ceramics Al₂O₃ 1 Polycrystalline Al₂O₃ 99.80 3.8-3.9 1570
Silver steel disc stylus Silver steel 1 8 450
Silver steel simple cylindrical stylus Silver steel Roundness 4μm 8 200
Ruby cylindrical stylus Artificial ruby Ball level 5* Ball sphericity:0.13
Concentricity:Measuring ball/Cylindrical 4μm
Single crystal 99%Al₂O₃ 99.90 3.90 1800 2100 390 1
Tungsten carbide cylindrical stylus Tungsten carbide +20μm Tip radius 92-93.5%WC 6.5-8%CO 14.8 14.95 1550 6000
Silver steel tip stylus Silver steel Cone angle 30° 8 300
Tungsten carbide stylus Tungsten carbide Cone angle 30° 92-93.5%WC 6.5-8%CO 99.90 15 1550 6000
Alumina hollow ball Aluminum alloy 6082-T6 30μm 95.2-98.3%Al 2.7 95
*Refer to DIN-5401, ISO3290 and AFBMA 3290 ball level standards
*3-level sphericity ball available upon request

Rod material properties

Material Expansion coefficient at 25 ° C Renishaw Stylus Structure
stainless steel 16x10⁻⁶/℃
Tungsten carbide 5x10⁻⁶/℃
Ceramics 8.1x10⁻⁶/℃
Carbon Fiber -0.4x10⁻⁶/℃
Titanium 9.2x10⁻⁶/℃ A-- Ball diameter φ M2=3mm
Ruby 4.5x10⁻⁶/℃ B-- Total length φ M3=4mm
Silicon nitride 3.2x10⁻⁶/℃ C-- Rod diameter φ M4=7mm
Zirconia 10.5x10⁻⁶/℃ D-- Effective working length φ M5=10mm
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